Best A2 Organic Milk In Chennai

Milk is the first thing in the morning to knock on your doors! It is also the first thing you drink to start your day. But, does your day begin with the healthiest choice? In the hassles of the real-life, we stop paying attention to the health aspects of the food we consume every day. It is not a surprise that most of the food we eat is not wholesome. Either they mix artificial flavors or practice an unhygienic manufacturing process.

Therefore, most of them are switching to Organic Milk In Chennai. The bleak reality has made our first drink in the morning—unhealthy. It has made many people reconsider their choices and choose healthier options in recent years. Hence, at Annam Milk, we provide the best A2 Milk Chennai for enabling you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Buying Organic Milk In Chennai offers numerous benefits to you. First of all, it is unadulterated and hygienic. This Cow Milk Chennai has vital nutrients that are not lost because the milk is raw. The milk contains A2 Beta-Casein which helps regulate the proper functioning of the digestive system. The fundamental reason why you should prefer A2 Milk over A1 milk is that the latter is considered to have harmful effects on health. Foreign breed cows yield A1 milk and this is void of any health benefits. It is because the livestock only feeds on fodder grown with extensive use of pesticides. Hence, you must get Hygienic Milk in Chennai produced by an organic Dairy Farm In Chennai.
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A2 Milk Chennai

Our Milk

A2 Milk Chennai

Our Cows

A2 Milk Chennai

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At Annam Milk, we are always proud to give you the best quality of fresh Cow Milk In Chennai every day to your doorstep. We can accomplish this every day with the same level of commitment because of our hygienic practices

First of all, we do not treat the milk or add any preservatives. What you get from us is raw milk in its purest form. We do not pasteurize the milk by chemically treating it for prolonged use like most of the Milk Brands In Chennai would do. Hence, you do not lose vital nutrients in the milk. You get to relish the real taste of nature’s gift!

Our Cow Farm In Chennai has a good wealth of native cow breeds like Ongole, Kangeyam, Umbalachery, and Kancheepuram cows. We do not use artificial insemination to breed cows. They graze freely on feed and fodder grown organically. These practices help us give 100% fresh, organic milk to you, and have made us the most trusted Milk Company In Chennai.
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At Annam Farms, we milk the cows and keep the fresh milk refrigerated for about four to five hours. Then, our Milk Delivery In Chennai starts early in the morning and reaches your doorstep in time for your first brew of Coffee! Apart from being Milk suppliers in Chennai, we also deliver fresh farm vegetables and fruits harvested on our farm.

Make the right choice today! Take your step towards a healthier lifestyle! Contact Annam Milk for Milk Home Delivery In Chennai.
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We are committed to deliver you Raw, Unadulterated and Farm Fresh A2 Milk in Chennai, straight from our Farm. Our process starts with milking from our native breed of Cows , Refrigerated for around 4 to 5 hours and have it delivered to your door steps, early in the morning.Enjoy the Farm Fresh Desi Cow milk in Chennai at your doorsteps. Annam milk provide you the best and Pure Organic Milk in Chennai which is A2 milk variety. We take extreme care of our Desi Cows by feeding them with Organic foods and let them freely graze the greens. Since the food consumed by our Desi cow is completely organic and we pack the fresh cow milk directly after milking without adding any preservatives, so our Milk is completely organic.
We also provide our customers with Organic Greens, Vegetables and few verieties of fruits which are farm fresh and are grown in natural ways of farming.

Quantities & Cost

We offer very competative price as par our milk quality standard Check Our Cost

Subscription Model

We deliver milk on a Subscription Model(Prepaid). Invoice are generated at the start of subscription and during the beginning of every month

Flexible Subscription model

We provide flexibility to make Online payments, Request additional orders, Temporarily suspend subscription and Modify quantity

A2 Milk Chennai
Our Subscription Plans
  • Daily
  • Alternative Days
  • Weekdays(Monday to Friday)
  • 3 Days a Week(Tues,Thurs,Saturday)
Shipping Product

We ship our farm products such as Rice, Cold-wood pressed oils, Millet and Lentils which are produced organically and naturally, anywhere in Chennai

Ad-on Delivery

We deliver Organic Greens, Vegetables, few varieties of Fruits and Country Chick Eggs

For a seamless experience, download the Annam Native Cow Milk app on your phone

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Current Delivery Area

Anna Nagar
Camp Road
Old Pallavaram
RA Puram
Shenoy Nagar
St.Thomas mount
Tambaram Sanatorium
West Mambalam
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Here are the produces from Annam Farms grown in Natural Ways of Farming!

Help yourselves to groom a healthy future generation!!

Country Chicken Egg

Country Chick Eggs

We Delivery Country Chick Eggs from Free Grazing Chicks

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Organic Vegetables

Organic Greens & Vegetables

You can easily make out the difference by trying out Greens and Vegetables grown in the Red Soil of Annam Farms

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Organic Paddy

Traditional Rice Varieties

You can choose from the variety of Traditional Rice varieties such as Mappillai Samba, Seeraga Samba, Karuppu kavuni, Kattu Yaanam, Traditional Ponni, Thooya Malli etc.

Check all Products

Country Chicken Egg

Country Chick Eggs

We Delivery Country Chick Eggs from Free Grazing Chicks

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Organic Vegetables

Organic Greens & Vegetables

You can easily make out the difference by trying out Greens and Vegetables grown in the Red Soil of Annam Farms

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Organic Paddy

Traditional Rice Varieties

You can choose from the variety of Traditional Rice varieties such as Mappillai Samba, Seeraga Samba, Karuppu kavuni, Kattu Yaanam, Traditional Ponni, Thooya Malli etc.

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Google Reviews

ramya Gayathri  ramya Gayathri

Jus started to buy milk from Annam..happy with their service and the quality is very good.Nice service. Thanks for being genuine in your business. Happy for Annam team .

Aruna N  Aruna N

Superb Quality! I recommend !!

Arun Srinivasan  Arun Srinivasan

Annam foods. I'm really happy with the quality of milk and the service !! Keep it up

Arul Kumar Alrasu  Arul Kumar Alrasu

Very Good quality milk supplier.

Prakash Shanmugam  Prakash Shanmugam

Milk is awesome....can improve the vegetable delivery a little

Anandh Sid  Anandh Sid

I am a regular consumer to Annam milk providers and they are trying their best in providing organic quality milk. I also bought some vegetables like Brinjal, ladies finger, it was really organic one.

Kishore Kumar  Kishore Kumar

Annam Milk is known for its quality, purity and excellent customer support and fits the delivery team. Extremely pleased to share my review after using the service for the past periods.

Narayanan Yagna  Narayanan Yagna

Excellent quality milk. I have been buying for almost a year now and am very impressed. The milk is delivered early say, between 5 and 5.30 on most of the days and the delivery boys are polite. I strongly recommend this brand.

Wincy Thomas  Wincy Thomas

Appreciate that, the delivery boys are doing the service wearing masks and hand gloves as precautionary measures. Thanks for their commitment and dedication


Milk quality is good. And I also get organic country chicken eggs from here which is also good.

Dinesh Bhaskaran  Dinesh Bhaskaran

Best and safe A2 milk that can be given even to toddlers. We are glad that we found Annam milk as we were searching for high quality A2 cow milk for a long time. It’s not just milk, A2 ghee, panner and other organic products are of high quality. We’ve recommended Annam milk to many of our neighbours and relatives, now we are all happy customers of Annam milk. We highly recommend Annam milk to everyone.

Eat healthy, stay healthy! Keep up the great work Annam milk team.

Gurumoorthy Thiyagarajan  Gurumoorthy Thiyagarajan

I have been using annam milk for two plus years. They have been really good ever since. Delivery is almost always on time. My experience with their customer service is very good. Their veggies are also good. They have good app as well where one can increase or reduce quantity of milk. Hope to see them scale greater heights. I would suggest them to allow visits by customer to their farms which would improve customer confidence.

Aparna Kamath  Aparna Kamath

Good n consistent quality of milk n organic products... Delivery always on time. Good customer service too, always available to answer customers queries. Thank you.

Vaka hari  Vaka hari

I was hardly searching for a quality country cow milk couple of years before and with a bit notice on hand I Simply tried Annam milk. I made some test in home with my grandma's advise to see the quality. Yes! It was good and they earned our trust on very first day. Even I do such tests random days to see how consistently they are providing the same quality. They are still maintaining same without compromising anything. When I talk about service, I really appreciate that they have taken it in to next level. We can book online and also we can cancel if we don't required while we go out of station. I surely recommend my friends and family who are looking for native cow milk for their babies.

kumar C N S  kumar C N S

Fed up with the quality of Aavin milk, I was on the lookout for good organic milk supply. Randomly chose Annam Milk after coming across its name on net. I am happy that it was a right choice. Good quality organic native cow milk and organic vegetables. Excellent service. I am really grateful for their service and recommend it to others to give a try.

Arun Prasad  Arun Prasad

I am using Annam milk since five months. Its pure milk. Does not compromise on quality and they compensate in case anything goes wrong on their part. I totally recommend. Must go for it. Healthy choice

Aruldeepa Kannan  Aruldeepa Kannan

Good and timely delivery! long time search is found. Very good service.. Thank you Anna Milk

Radha Veeraraghavan  Radha Veeraraghavan

Quality : My search in getting quality milk for the price I pay is over now. Thanks to Annam milk, I have been using it for past 3months. I have a 1.5 years old baby and I wanted an unadulterated and raw A2 milk for making dairy products for her. I have tried almost all the A2 milks in Chennai, trust me they are really good.
Delivery & customer service : I got my milk delivered in some other home for 2 days. This confusion occurs bcuz of same door number but different street, but they promptly delivered the milk again for the amount I paid. Once milk got spoilt, they took responsibility and replaced it next day. Customer service was good, whenever I don't receive response in what's app soon and I gave call back request in website. I will get call within mins and the issue resolved.
Conclusion : wonderful thing is sustainable package of milk in glass bottles. I would suggest them to provide ghee also in glass bottles if possible. Since they have very limited quantity in organic farming I don't entirely depend on them as I have back ups. But all their organic produce are really good. Initially you may feel delivery issues once it got settled with delivery guy then u don't have to worry at all. All the best Annam milk

Jayasimha Makineni  Jayasimha Makineni

It has been a good journey as a customer. Product quality is great and the team is superb. They are understanding and polite and quick to respond. Please keep up the good work team.

Abi Gayathri  Abi Gayathri

Milk taste is really good. I analysed many merchants they all are delivering in plastic covers or plastic containers as we know it's unhygienic. Where else Annam milk delivers their milk on time in a hygienic way and taste really excellent...

Sharmila D  Sharmila D

I have made multiple payments in gpay without noticing that the payment is already made. I informed the customer care about this and they refunded my additional amount immediately. I got my heart beat back to normal. Incredible customer care. Hats off to the Team

Abinaya Z  Abinaya Z

I am a mother of two childrens. My children will never take foods without adding natural ghee from cow's milk in their food. I heard Annam milk is delivering raw milk, so I started buying Annam milk. I prepare ghee in home by ourselves and its really coming out nice.

Turbanator Singh  Turbanator Singh

Quality and hygiene is the priority for me and Annam milk has maintained that very well. I have Recomended in and around my friends and relatives. They are happy too so good work guys!! Keep it up 👍🏻

Swapa Sunil  Swapa Sunil

We are ordering milk, eggs, veggies regularly online and it is very easy for us to get them at doorsteps. Thank you Annam Milk team for the excellent home delivery services.

Venkatesh Kani  Venkatesh Kani

I was losing my bone strength slowly. So, My family doctor advised me to take raw milk. After his advice, I started buying Annam Milk. Now, I’m feeling better because of the nutrients in fresh farmhouse milk.

Meera Ramachandiran  Meera Ramachandiran

Hi Annam Milk, Quality of the Milk is good. Very professional service. no glitches, if there’s any it is handled professionally. I recommend for any one.

Swathi 91  Swathi 91

They love us and the food they offer. I never missed the schedule and answered our key questions. I've been using Annam Milk for the last 3 years, and it's never been a day, I've felt bass about it. I make my fresh milk, butter, and what's wrong with those by-products. Totally happy with the support they are offering.

Kanmani Ravi  Kanmani Ravi

Wonderful delivery service even during this lockdown period! Kudos to the team for helping us during this period, and hats off to the team who are on the spot helping us get the milk on time! Hope you guys reach heights with your dedicated aid!