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In this fast paced life, we often don’t realize the impact that the food we consume has on our health and then came the word “Organic” which was synonyms to healthy. But if you look at the Organic products that are available today, they are nothing but the day to day food consumed by our ancestors. What was once consumed on a day to day basis has become a luxury and health product today. In the past the purity of milk was so much that it was considered an alternate to mother’s milk and we often feel that anything that is packed is healthy but the fact is most of the milk available today are pasteurized and stored products. The rich nutrients available in the organic foods provides a lot of health benefits. We at Annam took an initiative to make this luxury item called organic foods to be a more affordable and make it a part of our daily food and the team at Annam did an extensive study on the quality of milk consumed by Chennaites and their impact on our health. Most of the A1 milk produce in Chennai are from HR and Jersey breeds which are injected with Oxytocin to produce more milk and were fed with inorganic and the team decided that to produce A2 Milk Chennai from Native cows which are organically fed with free flow grazing and Annam milk was Born.

Our Mission

To conserve Native Breed of Cows and provide Pure, Unadulterated Organic Milk In Chennai. To grow Chemical free Agricultural crops and serve our customers with healthy organic food items and take part in creating a disease free and healthy future generation.

About Our Milk

A2 Milk Chennai

Native Cow's Milk(A2)

Our milk is from the traditional 'Naatu Pasu' which is the indigenous breed of cows such as Ongole, kangeyam, Umbalacheri, and Kanchipuram breed that provides milk only of A2 variety.

A2 Milk Chennai

A2 Milk

30% of the Protein in cow’s milk is Beta-Casein. Beta-Casein may be either A1 or A2. A2 Beta-Casein naturally supports digestive well-being which is available only from the native cows. Majority of milk which is available in the market is A1 type (got from Jersey or Holstein Fresian breed of cows). Many studies have shown that, A1 milk is associated with adverse health effects.

A2 Milk Chennai

Raw Milk

Raw milk was our norm of consumption since time immemorial. It is the ultimate whole food which contains many essential nutrients for human health. It also contains companion enzymes and amino acids necessary for the human body to make use of these nutrients. We serve the milk Raw and Farm fresh.

A2 Milk Chennai

Un-Processed & Un-Adulterated

Homogenization & Pasteurization is the process used by commercial dairies to Preserve milk without getting destroyed from several days to few weeks. However these processes destroys enzymes, vitamins C, B12 and B6. Diminishes and denatures fragile milk proteins, kills beneficial bacteria, promotes pathogens and is associated with several adverse health effects. Our milk is always Unprocessed and Unadulterated.

A2 Milk Chennai

Bottled in Glass

Our Milk is brought to you in Glass Bottles to ensure it tastes good and to avoid dangerous toxins released by polythene bags and plastic containers, which is the cause of many health impacts.

About Our Cows

Native Breed

Our cows are native breed of Indian origin, which can sustain and grow well in their own habitat. Unlike the huge sized foreign breed of cows grown by commercial dairies, native cows are well suited for our weather, soil and water.

A2 Milk Chennai

Natural & Organic Fodder

Our Cow’s are fed with Organic green fodder which is grown using organic manure. We avoid feeding our cows with inorganic fodder, as there may be chances of mixing hormones and chemicals.

A2 Milk Chennai

Free-grazing & Un-tied

Our Cows are free grazing throughout the day with in the farm vicinity. They are provided with clean water and healthy farm-grown organic fodder.

A2 Milk Chennai

No Hormone & no Anti-biotics

Native cows have natural resistance against diseases and have good immune system. In case of rare occasion of illness, we treat our cows using traditional and natural ways by means of locally available herbs and the herbs grown with in the farm. We never provide Antibiotics and modern medicine unless it is really required.

A2 Milk Chennai

Natural Impregnation

Commercial dairies and modern farmers impregnate their cows using AI(Artificial Insemination). Our cows, as per their wish are naturally impregnated, using bulls to ensure that they have a healthy calf.

A2 Milk Chennai

About Our Farm

A2 Milk Chennai

Natural Way of Farming

We follow natural way of farming by following monsoon, biodynamic calendar and weather condition during that particular year. Simply saying in Tamil – we do ‘Iyarkai Vazhi Velanmai’.

A2 Milk Chennai

Farm made Natural Fertilizers

We prepare our own fertilizers such as Panchagavya (A Fermented liquid made of five ingredients got from Native cows such as Dung, Urine, Milk Curd and Ghee), Jeevamrutham (A fermented mixture made of Cow Dung, Urine and Jaggery), Thae More karaisal(A mixture of Coconut and Butter Milk). We use Panchagavya and Thae More karaisal as Folliar spary and Jeevamrutham is mixed in water during irrigation. Providing Jeevamrutham to the soil boost earthworms which is the friend of farmers.

A2 Milk Chennai

Natural Pest Controller

As per the law of nature, there is nothing called pests and they are the part of the food chain. So, we do not used to kill pests, rather we divert them or control them.

To divert pests we used to plant marigold around the fields and insects like to go towards the flowers rather than to crops.

Our Panchagavya will act as a pest repellent. Additionally we prepare Neem asthra, Agni Asthra to control the pest when it is required.

A2 Milk Chennai

Reduced water consumption

Water becomes the scariest resource nowadays. We choose traditional varieties of seeds, which will sustain in heavy weather conditions and sought less water than hybrid varieties. We also choose our crops depending on the availability of water. Example- Cultivation of paddy in rainy days, Ground nut after rainy days, sesame and urid dhal during summer and vegetable and greens depending on the season what we call as ‘Pattam’ in tamil.

A2 Milk Chennai


We encourage bio-diversity within our farm: By following, the natural ways of farming our farm becomes a habitat for varied organism. We could see the increase in the number reptiles, butterflies, insects etc.

How are Native cows different from their foreign Counterparts

Native Cow(A2) Ordinary Cow Milk(A1)
Native Cows can be easily identified by their Hump, Horn and Throat muscle Non-Native Cow Do not have Hump, Horn and Throat muscle.
Ongole, Kangeyam, Umbalachery, Kanchipuram breed are Natural habitats of Tamil Nadu and the These cows are very suitable our weather, soil and water. North Indian breeds such as Gir, Sahiwal, Rathi, and Tharparkar are also suitable for most part of India, which provides A2 milk. Non-Native cows are foreign breed of cows (Jersey, Holstein Friesian, Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Guernsey) imported to produce high volume of milk. These are not suitable for the tropical country such as India.
Native cows have sweat glands and excrete the toxins through sweat, urine and dung. Native cow milk is free of any toxins. Non-Native cows does not have sweat glands and they excrete the toxins through milk, urine and dung. Non-native cow milk is not suitable for human health.
Native Cow have high level of immunity and resistance against diseases. Hence they would not require Anti-biotics and other medication Non-Native cows are highly prone to diseases, hence requires frequent medication and Anti-biotics.

How is Native Cow Milk Different from different from Jersey/HF Cow Milk?

Native Cow Milk (A2) Ordinary Cow Milk(A1)
Native Cows only produce milk-containing protein of Type A2-Beta Casein. Non-Native Cows produce milk containing protein of type A1-Beta Casein.
A2 milk have huge health benefits. It provides great immune power and disease resistance to our body. According to several studies, A1 milk is the cause of many adverse health impacts.
A2 milk is naturally digestible for all age group. Non-Native Cow milk (A1) is difficult for the body to digest.
Cerebrosides present in A2 milk increases brain power. Strontium of A2 milk enhances the body Immunity and protects from harmful radiation. Omega 3 in A2 milk cleans the cholesterol deposits of blood vessels Non-Native cows are highly prone to diseases, hence requires frequent medication and Anti-biotics.

Protein Chain Structure of A2 Milk is closer to Human Milk vs A1 milk

A2 Milk Chennai