Refund Policy for Milk Subscription

1. If You have boiled the milk on receiving it and it got spoilt, there are no refunds offered in this case. Milk is tested before it leaves the packaging unit- if it is spoilt, we don’t let it leave the unit at all. Milk bottles are transported in insulated ice packed boxes until delivery to your house. Once you receive it, it is your responsibility to refrigerate it at 2 degree celsius after boiling it immediately.

2. You have informed the delivery executive that you’d like to pause your subscription but milk was still delivered the next day- no refunds offered in this case. Only pause instructions given by you through the website after logging in to your account are taken as valid instructions. A delivery executive has upto 100 houses to deliver- he cannot remember individual customers’ instructions.

3. We have not delivered milk to you due to reasons like storm, flood, road strikes, milk spoilage, accidents, national holidays, etc- the total value in rupees of the products for which we have not delivered will be subtracted from the total in your next month’s bill. In case you do not continue your subscription next month, this amount will be refunded along with your refundable deposit collected at the beginning of the subscription.

4. None were not available at home to collect the milk at time of delivery without you having paused the subscription by logging into the website- no refunds offered in this case.

5. You have received a different quantity/ a different milk than what you have ordered- In case the product is of lower value than the one you had ordered, the balance will be subtracted in your next month’s bill. For example, if you had subscribed for 1L cow’s milk, and you received 0.5L Milk, Rs. 40 will be subtracted from your next month’s bill.