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Date: 18 Feb 2022

How Annam Farms organically increase crop productivity?

An average person would assume organic farming as conventional, wit... Continue Reading

Date: 09 Feb 2022

Why do we need to protect our native cow breeds?

The bond between a farmer and the native cow breeds is so strong th... Continue Reading

Date: 11 Jan 2022

Free grazing practices for better ecosystem

Annam Farms encourages free grazing practices for a better ecosyste... Continue Reading

Date: 13 Dec 2021

Top Reasons To Consume Native Cows’ Milk

Native cows produce A2 milk which is very rich in A2 beta-casein pr... Continue Reading

Date: 10 Dec 2021

How Annam Farms Keeps its Soil Fertile?

The soil cannot stay fertile forever. As we grow crops, the nutrien... Continue Reading

Date: 23 Nov 2021

Maintenance of cattle at Annam Farms

Every day, our farmers at Annam Farms ask: “Are the cows happy?... Continue Reading

Date: 12 Nov 2021

Steps Involved in Paddy Cultivation

Since rice is the staple food of Southern India, we at Annam Farms,... Continue Reading

Date: 25 Sep 2021

The Goodness of using Cow manure

Organic farming has always been the driving force of Annam Farms. W... Continue Reading

Date: 28 Aug 2021

About the Traditional Poongar Rice variety

There is so much nutrition in our traditional foods that we do not ... Continue Reading

Date: 17 Jun 2021

Traditional Farming methods for sustainable eco-system

The farming industry is developing as we speak. Technology has simp... Continue Reading