Date: 01 Mar 2022

Category: Organic

100% natural feeding for cows to produce organic milk

100% natural feeding for cows to produce organic milk

There were lush green pastures for the cows to graze in the olden days. As society began to grow, the size of these fields shrunk. Therefore, the cows did not get enough grass cover to acquire nutrition. Hence, our milk company in Chennai realizes the importance of 100% natural feeding for cows to produce organic milk.

Annam Farms grows fresh and nutrition-rich crops on our farms. Only when we foster a good grazing environment for the cattle can we improve the quality of milk. This blog will emphasize the need for natural feeding instead of industrial feed.

Diet requirements of our cows

We provide a stress-free environment for the cows. As they become attached to the surroundings, we are able to acquire fresh and healthy milk from the cows.

Our farmers grow fodder through organic farming practices. The soil does not contain any chemicals and no artificial fertilizers are used. Since we follow traditional farming methods, soil fertility is naturally preserved. We do not prefer industrial feed since it cannot substitute the natural cellulose that the cows transform into protein and energy.

We fully understand the diet needs of our cow. All the healthy adult cows who have crossed 15 months of age feed on a nutritious mix of grass, dicots, monocots, and tree-based hay.

The calves’ nutrition requirements slightly differ from that of the adults. The calf feeds only on its mother’s milk for the first ten days. After that, our farmers will make porridge by powdering maize and ragi. Only after three months of its birth, the calf is fed solid grains.

We are one of the organic milk brands in Chennai that uses natural feeding to protect the purity of the milk. Our traditional farming methods have helped us to provide hygienic and nutritious milk for our customers.