Date: 28 Aug 2021

Category: Organic

About the Traditional Poongar Rice variety

About the Traditional Poongar Rice variety

There is so much nutrition in our traditional foods that we do not know of. It would be helpful if only we had more awareness of such healthy food products. One of the highly regarded food is the Poongar Rice. This variety of rice is very healthy because of the fact that it is grown organically. We will see about the traditional Poongar Rice variety in this blog post.

We at Annam Farms, have planted Poongar Nattru on our dairy farm in Chennai. This activity is carried out with the ultimate goal of serving our customers with nutritious food products grown on our own farm.

What is Poongar Rice?
Poongar Rice is a traditional rice variety of Tamilnadu. It is purely organic and does not use any chemicals to boost production. The rice is red in appearance and resembles Mappilai Samba rice.

On the thought of Red rice, many would think of Kerala’s Rosa Matta rice. But, our own indigenous rice has more to offer. Poongar rice has now become a popular name among people who like organic and home-grown food varieties.

Poongar Rice Specialty
This traditional variety of rice is a drought and flood-resistant crop. Generally, this rice is grown during the Navarai season which starts from December to March. They take an approximate duration of 65 to 70 days to fully mature for harvesting.
Considering all the health benefits and importance of this traditional variety, we at Annam Farms make all the efforts in bringing Poongar rice to you. With new variants coming into the market, our traditional varieties are still being preferred due to the health and fitness mindset of the current generation of people.

Apart from the regular supply of products, our milk company in Chennai also provides grains and vegetables grown on our farm.