Date: 12 Jun 2022

Category: Organic

Abundance of Water Resources for Best Yields

Abundance of Water Resources for Best Yields

Water is the primary resource for any living thing to survive. It is true for the plants and crops as well, which grows well only on the unconditional supply of water. Hence, Annam Milk, the best milk company in Chennai, has taken into consideration taking care of the plants by regulating the water supply for the cows to get the fullness of nature.

At Annam Farms, we ensure to provide healthy green pastures for our cows to graze on and produce nutrition rich milk for our customers. Therefore, this post focuses on the importance of the water resource for the best yields.

Abundant Water Supply:

Plants or crops need an abundant supply of water for the optimum growth. However, the amount of water needed for the crops to grow healthy entirely depends on the environmental system. Thus, we at Annam farms follow farming in the natural way, which is called 'Iyarkai Vazhi Velanmai'

So, by following this method, we are able to predict the weather condition and take the necessary measures in time by protecting the crops from potential dangers.

Added to that, we also choose the traditional seed varieties over the hybrid ones. The traditional seeds are the best for our soil because they can withstand the heavy weather conditions and consume only less water. Thus, these crops are effective and grow well depending on the environmental conditions.

Water scarcity is also a critical factor and happens from time to time in our country. So, we at Annam Farms choose crops based on the water availability. Thus, by following the suggested methods, we are able to provide our cows sufficiently throughout the year.

Similarly, the water that we use is free from chemicals and contaminations to retain the fertility of the soil and preserve the nutrients in the crops. Hence, this in turn improves the fertility of the soil, and acts as a nutrient rich source for the cows.

Annam Milk has one of the best organic farms in Chennai that follows natural farming methods to preserve the purity of the milk.