Date: 23 Mar 2023

Category: Organic

Annam Farms For Traditional Rice Varieties

Annam Farms For Traditional Rice Varieties

Rice which is the staple food of India especially in the southern part of India is seen in every household. Good nutrition is essential for human beings to lead a healthy life. To improve one's health, keeping a good and balanced diet is essential. Rice, one of the cereal grains, includes almost 40,000 varieties of various sizes, shapes, textures, and aroma. Rice is the livelihood for more than half of the population in India. They live their life based on the harvest and selling the crop products in the market. Annam Milk, the best organic supplier of A2 milk Chennai cultivates rice varieties such as traditional ponni rice, mapillai samba, seeraga samba etc., in the most organic way. Therefore, in this blog, we will know the organic ways practiced by the Annam Farms for traditional rice varieties

Organic Ways Practiced By The Annam Farms:

The rice varieties that we get today are grown through various conventional methods which include a wide range of complex machinaries and genetically modified seeds for crops. Conventionally grown crops refers to the plants that are grown using modern agricultural practices, which often involve the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms. But at Annam dairy farm in Chennai we indulge into the organic farming practice like,

Complete Five Months Harvesting:

Most of the rice varieties that are sold at the supermarkets do not complete their harvesting period. The conventional companies responsible for producing various rice varieties indulge in the practice of using harmful fertilizers, poisonous pesticides and genetically modified seeds which has reduced the harvest time of rice from five months to three months. However, with this facility the production of the crops have been increased but impacting on the health of many.

Thus, Annam Milk, the best service for milk delivery in Chennai, never uses these modern techniques and follows the natural ways for rice production. We at Annam farms cultivate the rice by setting the land in the proper way and regular water irrigation. We harvest the crops on the completion of five months which can be a long process but does not impact on the health.

Organic Manure:

The conventional providers of rice use inorganic manure and genetically modified seeds in their production for higher productivity. We at Annam Farms, one of the best organic milk brands in Chennai avoid using inorganic manure, poisonous pesticides, and harmful fertilizers in our cultivation. We only use organic manure like Panchagavya, Jeevamrutham, and Thae More karaisal which are our self-made products for the cultivation. Once the cultivation is over, the grass leftovers are given to the cows.

Hence, as you can see, we only practice the ways laid by nature for effective organic farming and to get all the goodness of the soil and nature in our products. Thus, approach Annam Milk, the best organic milk company in Chennai for milk, milk-based products, vegetables, fruits, and traditional rice varieties. We also cultivate natural health enhancers like groundnut, urad dhal, and sesame in our farms for our customers.