Date: 30 Mar 2023

Category: Organic

Annam Farms Natural Ways To Prevent Pests

Annam Farms Natural Ways To Prevent Pests

We have been taught that pesticides are good for the crops and help to destroy crop-eating pests. But do you know that all the pests that feed on the crops are not bad, rather they help in crop production and help to balance the ecology? Many of us never know and are not aware which is the greatest benefit for the commercial industries to sell their pests products. Does that mean you need to stop killing those pests and leave to feed on the crops? Not, really! Annam Farms, the best provider of organic cow milk in Chennai, have some natural ways to prevent those crop-feeding pests and to get the best yield.

How Annam Farms Prevent Pests In A Natural Way?

Organic farming is not a simple process as the name suggests, rather a huge process where we need to practice the ways which nature has laid before us. Unlike conventional farming, where you purchase some kind of fertilizers and spray on the crops, organic farming ensures to retain the good pests on the crops leaving the crop-feeding pests behind.

It is also to be noted that every time you spray the pesticides on the crops, the pests evolve itself to gain immunity towards the chemicals. So, in order to destroy the pests, the pesticide companies make it even more concentrated and stronger that ultimately remains on the crops or foods which we consume.

Hence, we at Annam Farms, the provider of organic milk home delivery in Chennai understands that pests are part of the ecological system and some of them are needed for crop production. Thus, we at Annam Farms rather than destroying them we indulge in certain natural practices to prevent them. They are

Planting Marigold Flowers In Front Of Crop Saplings:

We at Annma farms divert the pests by planting the marigold flowers in front of crop saplings which makes them feed on the flowers leaving the crops behind. It is believed that marigold flowers have a strong fragrance which prevents the scent of other plants making the pests hard to locate the crop saplings. Similarly, marigolds have natural-repellent properties and excrete a substance at the root called alpha-terthienyl, preventing the toxic pests like nematodes from growing.

Marigold flowers also attract beneficial insects like ladybugs, parasitic wasps, and lacewings which helps in controlling the pests naturally.

Natural Manure:

We at Annam cow farm in Chennai never indulge in the practice of using chemical pesticides or the poisonous fertilizers to prevent the pests. We have our own product called Panchagavya which is made of milk, curd, ghee and cow’s dung and urine act as a perfect pest repellent because of their natural properties. We also use products like neem and agni asthra made at our farms to control the pests effectively.

Hence, these are the natural ways that are practiced at Annam Farms, the best online milk delivery Chennai to retain the goodness of the soil and all the essential nutrients in our products.