Date: 01 Mar 2022

Category: Organic

Annam Milk's Ethical milking process

Annam Milks Ethical milking process

A majority of Indian household consumes milk every day. However, do we stop to think whether it is ethically sourced? Do the cows get good treatment and living conditions? Are they happy to produce the milk? These are the questions that Annam Milk asks itself. We follow the ethical milking process at our dairy farm in Chennai.

The rising demand for milk has pushed many milk brands to boost production. It badly impacts the cows. They are injected with hormones to increase the milk capacity. Also, hybrid cows produce milk which ultimately reduces its quality.

But, Annam Milk is committed to producing nutritious milk for the city's people and keeping our cattle happy and free.

What is ethical milking?

Right from its inception, Annam Milk has always considered cows as sacred and given them the respect they deserve. Our milk production heavily relies on how happy the cows are at our farm.

Ethical milking involves practices that prioritise cattle well-being over milk production or profits. At our farms, we provide everything required to keep our cows healthy and happy.

We have taken the responsibility of nurturing our cows with love and care.

Where does ethical milking start?

First, the living conditions of the cows are improved. We keep our cattle in a spacious shelter that is cool and comfortable for them. The absence of any cramped spaces is alone the biggest motivation for the cows to be happy.

Then we ensure that we start milking after the calf is fed. This practice gives the utmost respect for the mother cow and its little ones.

Most importantly, we never give any supplements or hormones to boost milk production.

Our milk company in Chennai values the well-being of our cattle. They are a pivotal part of our brand. Hence, we nurture them with love. Through this practice, the city’s people also receive healthy and hygienic milk sourced ethically.