Date: 11 May 2022

Category: Organic

Annam Milk's Natural Pest Control Measures

Annam Milk's Natural Pest Control Measures

Pests are an inevitable part of agriculture. Not every pest is harmful, but they are some that can interfere with crop productivity. Generally, in conventional agriculture, farmers use pesticides and other chemicals to control pests. However, Annam farms use natural pest control measures so that we maintain the organic standards of farming. The farmers at our dairy farm in Chennai ensure that the productivity and the crop’s health are maintained through natural methods. This blog will explain the pest control measures followed at our farms.

  1. Why we don’t use pesticides
    The work gets simplified with pesticides and other chemicals. However, it will go against our standards of keeping the environment and dependents safe. Even though pesticides might promise results in the short run. It can be harmful to the ecosystem. Therefore, Annam farms uphold the tradition of using natural farming practices.

  2. Controlling pests through traditional ways Organic farmers rely on natural ways that preserve biodiversity yet show results. Therefore, we practice the following natural pest prevention methods:
    • The best method to prevent pests is to grow crops resistant to such problems. Hence there is no harm to the productivity of the crops as they are unaffected by the pests.
    • Sometimes, the growth of pests can be minimized by populating the field with natural predators and other beneficial pests. This can help a farm keep a check on the overall crop fertility.
    • Farmers alter the environment suitable for the crops and unfavorable for the pests. That is why most farmers practice crop rotation and avoid monoculture on the farmland. It helps to prevent pest build-up in one particular crop.

Annam Farms continuously monitors our farm to keep it away from things that disturb the natural balance of our ecosystem. However, we always follow natural farming practices so that the animals on our farm can enjoy the richness of organic fodder. This one practice of using traditional pest control measures helps us to ensure quality across our value chain.