Date: 23 Jul 2022

Category: Organic

Annam Organic Farm - A Walkthrough

Annam Organic Farm - A Walkthrough

We would have encountered the term "organic" many times in today's world. When you step into any supermarket, you see certain foods marked as "organic". But what does the term organic mean? Organic foods differ from conventional foods in cultivation, processing, and harvesting. We at Annam Farms, the best organic milk suppliers in Chennai use traditional farming methods to cultivate and harvest agricultural products. We include sustainable farming practices that free form chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Annam Farm Products:
We all wish to get all the wellness from mother nature. According to Organic World's "Not in our Aisle List", certain ingredients should be exempted in organic farming. These ingredients include trans-fat, palm oil, sulfates, phthalates, artificial colors, artificial flavorings, and corn syrup high in fructose. Annam Farms is one of the successful traditional farming communities that value and incorporate farming practices for environmentally friendly products. Our organic farming methods include enhancing and maintaining the soil's richness by conserving the lands with suitable methods.
At Annam Farms, we offer,

  • Fresh Greens:
    Mulai Keerai, Siru Keerai, Arai Keerai, Ponnanganni Keerai, and many more

  • Vegetables:
    Mulai Keerai, Siru Keerai, Arai Keerai, Ponnanganni Keerai, and many more

  • Fruits:
    Different banana varieties of Bananas which include Karpooravalli, Chevvazhai, Poovan and Elakki. Papaya, Jack Fruit and a few types of mangoes during the season.

    We also offer you country eggs from the chickens on the farm. These are provided to our customers weekly to get the entire wellness of nature.

  • Rice And Pulses:
    Annam milk not only offers organic vegetables and fruits but also provides you with well-grown and harvested rice varieties. The rice varieties include Mappillai Samba, Seeraga Samba, Traditional Ponni, and many more. We also offer urad dhal, sesame, and groundnut of their highest quality. However, Annam milk will inform you about availability as these are delivered during the harvest.

    Organic food bridges the gap between a sustainable ecosystem and freshly grown products. Annam Milk, one of the best organic milk brands in Chennai is in the process of providing high-quality and fresh food to the customer because we all deserve to eat rightly.