Date: 10 Oct 2022

Category: Organic

Cattle Ploughing At Annam Farms

Cattle Ploughing At Annam Farms

In today's world, many have switched from cattle ploughing to tractors. The reason for the switchover was due to the high maintenance of the cattle and the growing demand of the farmer to harvest at a higher pace. However, we at Annam Farms, the best milk company in Chennai, stick with the legacy passed down by our forefathers to plough only with our native cows. In this blog, we will see the importance of cattle ploughing in fields.

Why Should We Stick With Our Legacy?

In a country like India, most of the population is into farming and owns only a tiny piece of land for agricultural purposes. So, investing in a tractor could be expensive and consecutively lead to cattle ploughing. However, due to advancements and technological developments, most farmers have switched to tractor ploughing to be free from cattle maintenance and high production demand.

Cattle ploughing is the best method for soil pulverisation, where the soil granules are reduced to smaller particles when compared to the original size. Similarly, it is also found that tractor ploughing hardens the soil due to its higher weight. Hence, it automatically makes the soil so hard that it reduces the water penetration capacity of the soil. On the other hand, cattle ploughing not only loosens the, but the cattle's footprint acts as a 'micro catchment' which helps preserve the rainwater.

The cattle ploughing also helps in de-weeding the small grasses or crops, making it a suitable soil for the further process. Hence, Annam Farms understands the importance of cattle ploughing and uses Ongole bulls for the same.

Ongole bulls are known for their hard-working nature and are used for farm work. At Annam Farms, the survival of the Ongole bulls is appropriately utilised by engaging them in the ploughing. They are the best domestic animal for farming because of their toughness and incredible heat tolerance.

Hence, cattle ploughing strengthens our bulls, thereby making the soil fertile. Thus, approach Annam Milk to get the purest form of A2 milk Chennai that is free from contaminants to ensure healthy living.