Date: 05 Jan 2023

Category: Organic

Fodder Management In Dairy Cows-Explained

Fodder Management In Dairy Cows-Explained

Fodder management plays a vital role in cattle as they need to develop themselves. A dairy cattle requires all the essential nutrients which play an integral part in their dairy production. A high-milk-producing cow needs a combination of nutrients, including amino acids, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, water, and fatty acids. At Annam Farm, for organic milk in Chennai, we offer our cows the best fodder source that is rich in nutrients and all the essential nutrients for the growth of our cows.

Feeding Dry Cows:

A dry cow refers to a dairy cow in the prior stage of calving and is currently present in the lactation cycle. Feeding in dry cows alone constitutes 60% and plays a vital role in milk production. The nutrient we offer for the cows should be a balanced diet regarding its maintenance and milk production. Hence, the feeding ratio should be based on milk production and maintenance capacity. Annam farm, the best organic milk supplier in Chennai, offers the best organic fodder for their cows that are rich in proteins. We grow solam (maize) fodder for our cows organically, which contains the majority of proteins with low fibre content and high metabolic energy. Around 8%-13% of crude protein is received from this maize which helps the cows in milk production.

Feeding Dairy Cows:

Dairy cows are cattle that can produce large quantities of milk from which various milk products are obtained, such as ghee. Similar to dry cows, around 60% of feeding in dairy cows is focused on milk production and maintenance to meet the requirements of gestation and fat percentage.

So, it can be said that a total mixed rations diet (TMR) is the right approach in the dairy cows because it contains all the essential dietary components in a single mixture which can be fed to the cows once or more than one time a day. The nutritional content in this mixture is around 8%-12/% which also acts as a source of carbohydrates and nitrogen. Similarly, these components optimize the microbial growth and provide uniform proportions of fiber and non fiber components in dairy cows.

Hence, these are standard feeding management methods involved in cattle. Annam Milk, the best organic milk company in Chennai, offers our cattle the best organic fodder without chemicals. Therefore, our cows feed on nutritious and natural fodder crops, enabling them to produce high-quality milk.