Date: 11 Jan 2022

Category: Organic

Free grazing practices for better ecosystem

Free grazing practices for better ecosystem

Annam Farms encourages free grazing practices for a better ecosystem at our cow farm in Chennai. It not only benefits the cow but has a greater impact on the environment. We believe this approach will pave the way for more sustainable development of our natural resources.

We keep our cattle happy and healthy by allowing them to freely graze on our vast farms. The cows get organic food that is grown by our farmers through traditional methods of farming. Therefore, the milk that they produce is very pure and nutritious.

Apart from that, free grazing practices have other benefits as highlighted in the upcoming sections.

  1. Improves Pasture

    When the cattle graze on the farmland, it enables the growth of different plant species. They create organic matter by stomping weeds into the soil. This improves the biological activity of the soil. Over time, the pasture will start seeing the growth of high-quality forage for the cattle.

    Once this growth speeds up, the farmland will have a diverse range of plants and in turn, they will strengthen the soil and keep it safe from erosion.

  2. Improves Animal Welfare

    The livestock on the farm is treated with utmost care as they are given a vast space to graze. Annam Farms does not keep the cattle inside sheds or cramped spaces. They feed on the healthy and lush green grass on the farm without any restrictions.

  3. Improves bio-diversity

    Free grazing activity can increase the nutrients in the soil and foster a healthy ecosystem. The cows enable this growth as they constantly add manure and spread the nutrients across the farm. This practice creates a balance in the ecosystem.

Because we keep our cattle happy with the free grazing approach, our milk company in Chennai is able to get fresh, hygienic, and nutritious milk for you.