Date: 04 Jun 2021

Category: Organic

Health benefits of eating Green Vegetables

Health benefits of green vegetables

Most Indian foods have a rich balance of nutrition present in them. Even though we consume rice as a staple diet, no meal is complete without the company of fresh green vegetables. They are deep-fried or made into the gravy form as a constant side-dish to accompany the main course.

We, at Annam Farms, a Dairy Farm In Chennai realize the benefits of green vegetables. You can see 100% organic green vegetables like Ladiesfinger, cluster beans, ridge gourd, and bottle gourd planted on our farms. These vegetables are predominantly used in every Indian Kitchen. We do not use any pesticides and chemicals to grow them. All the produces from the farm is entirely organic. We practice eco-friendly methods to cultivate such vegetables.

These green vegetables give you the necessary vitamins and other nutrients to ensure your well-being. Their role in creating a healthy lifestyle cannot be overstated!

Benefits of ladies finger


Out of all the green vegetables, Ladiesfinger holds a special place in Indian recipes. It is because of vital health benefits present in them. Lady finger benefits are:

  • They are beneficial for eyesight due to the significant content of Carotenoids.
  • Ladies finger keeps your skin healthy and protects it from UV rays.
  • Strengthens your immunity due to the presence of Vitamin C
  • They help in weight loss as they contain essential dietary fibers
  • It lowers cholesterol levels in your body.

Our staff grows a significant amount of ladies finger and other farm-fresh vegetables along with producing Organic Milk In Chennai. We give so much importance to nutritious vegetables. Annam Farms makes all the efforts to provide a healthy lifestyle to all its customers.

Benefits of Cluster Beans

cluster beans

The health benefits of green beans are abundant! Here are some nutritional value of cluster beans:

  • It enhances your bone health since it is high in Calcium content.
  • Cluster beans are good for diabetics as they contain essential nutrients that regulate blood sugar levels.
  • This green vegetable benefits pregnant women by ensuring they do not face any mineral deficiency.
  • The high levels of iron in Cluster beans help in improving hemoglobin rate in the body

At Annam Farms, we grow these green vegetables with care and utmost attention. We make it a priority in sharing the benefits of such nutrition-rich vegetables with our customers. That is why all our staff toil all day to harvest fresh produce from our farm and bring it to your doorstep.

Even though we are predominantly a Milk Company In Chennai providing A2 Milk Chennai, we also deliver farm-fresh vegetables. We host a wide variety of green vegetables on our farms and often share the bountiful harvest with the customers.

Make your everyday meal healthy by adding green vegetables to your menu!