Date: 13 Sep 2023

Category: Organic

How Annam Farms Offer Your Cent Percent Organic Products?

How Annam Farms Offer Your Cent Percent Organic Products?

Annam organic farms in Chennai cultivate nature's treasures with utmost care and dedication. Our commitment to providing cent percent organic products stems from our passion for sustainable farming practices and the belief that nature is key to nourishing our bodies and souls. In this blog post, we will explore the wonders of our farm and how successfully we practice organic farming that aligns with your well-being and the planet.

Nature Way Farming:

At Annam Farms, we follow strict organic farming, otherwise known as "Iyarkai Vazhi Velanmai", in Tamil. Our farming practices are scheduled and practiced as per the Tamil calendar, which helps us predict the weather conditions and even monsoons in advance.

Hence, this helps us properly plan to grow crops and prevents wastage to a larger extent due to unexpected rains or climatic changes.

Farm-Made Fertilizers:

Organic farming avoids the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. By consuming organic produce, individuals can minimize exposure to potentially harmful chemicals commonly found in conventionally grown crops.

At our farm, we employ traditional methods of fertilizer preparation. We create fertilizers, such as Panchagavya, which is derived from five components sourced from indigenous cows, including urine, dung, milk, ghee, and curd and later fermented. Additionally, we produce Jeevamrutham which is an fermented mixture derived from cow’s urine, dung,and jaggery. Another fertilizer we use is Thae More karaisal, a blend of coconut and buttermilk. We utilize Thae More karaisal and Panchagavya as foliar sprays, while Jeevamrutham is incorporated into irrigation water. The application of Jeevamrutham enhances the presence of earthworms in the soil, benefiting the farming community.

Hence, the organic fodder grown with these natural fertilizers is enriched with all the essential nutrients and free from chemical fertilizers. Our cows feeding on this organic fodder have no chemical residues in their milk, contributing to improved health. Thus, our A2 milk Chennai is the best option for your family's overall well-being.

Natural Pest Control Technique:

According to the principles of nature, pests are a natural part of the ecosystem and play a critical role in the food chain. Conventionally grown crops have high-content chemicals to prevent pests, which also pass through the crops, making them unhealthy for the human body. Therefore, instead of killing pests, we employ methods to divert or control them.

To divert pests, we plant marigold flowers around the fields. Insects are naturally attracted to these flowers, drawing them away from the main crops, significantly preventing crop destruction.

Our panchagavya solution acts as a natural pest controller. In addition, we prepare agni asthra and neem asthra to control pests effectively when necessary. Hence, implementing these farm-made solutions helps the crops to maintain the nutritional content present in them.

Therefore, Annam Milk aims to provide cent percent organic products for our customers. Our product's purity and health is known the moment you touch it. Approach us to get the best organic cow milk Chennai and other products such as ghee, paneer, vegetables, fruits, rice varieties, and even country eggs for a healthier diet.