Date: 14 Sep 2023

Category: Organic

How Cows At Annam Farms Are Nourished?

Annam Farms

The well-being and nourishment of cows are paramount at Annam Farms. Our organic farms in Chennai follow a sustainable practice so that our cows receive optimal care, natural environment, and nutrition. Hence, Annam prioritizes cows' health and happiness by upholding the organic agriculture principles while creating a good relationship between cows, land, and the ecosystem. Also, at Annam, we strongly believe that the health benefits of milk reside in how the cow is taken care of. This blog will explore the practices used at organic farms to nourish cows while highlighting our sustainable approach to the cow's well-being.

Organic Grass & Fodder:

Cows at our farms are nourished with organic feed and forage. We prioritize a natural diet for their cows, ensuring the feed is free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial additives, and synthetic pesticides. We rely on organic resources such as hay, grass, and grains for a balanced, nutrient-rich diet in cows.

The fodder that is grown at our farms is cultivated through organic means and farm-made fertilizers. We use organic manure made from our farms, such as Panchagavya, Jeevamrutham, and Thae More karaisal. These fertilizers are made from indigenous cow's dung, urine, milk, with other ingredients and fermented into liquid. Hence, this enriches the soil and boosts goodness in the cow’s diet. Organic fodder and grazing practices allow cows to enjoy a diverse range of plants promoting health and supporting their natural digestive processes.


Annam Organic Farms emphasize on pasture-raised practices to nourish our cows. Our cows are given access to open pastures, allowing them to graze freely on diverse plants and grasses. Thus, it provides cows with a varied diet, enabling them to exercise and exhibit natural behaviors. Hence, our organic farms provide a stress-free, comfortable living space for the animals by allowing cows to roam freely in a natural environment.

No Hormones Or Antibiotics:

Our cows are not given any kind of hormones or antibiotics under any circumstances. We prioritize non-chemical alternatives and practice natural remedies, minimizing antibiotics and synthetic medication use. Typically, native cows naturally resist the disease because of their diet. However, in rare situations when the cows get ill, we treat them in the most natural way by collecting the herbs grown around the farm.

Also, we focus on promoting disease prevention and natural immunity through proper nutrition and clean living conditions.

Stress-Reduced Environment:

Maintaining the overall well-being and reducing the stress for cows is very crucial. We provide access to clean water, adequate space for cows to move and rest, and comfortable shelter. We prioritize gentle interactions with the cows and create a calm and harmonious environment that promotes the mental and emotional well-being of the cows.

Hence, through these graceful grazing and stress-free environmental conditions, we are able to provide the healthiest and tastiest cow milk in Chennai. Thus, approach Annam Milk to get the most of the health benefits of the organic milk and to promote a healthy lifestyle.