Date: 30 Nov 2022

Category: Organic

How Is Cow Manure Utilized At Farms?

How Is Cow Manure Utilized At Farms?

People with their livestock use animal waste in many ways. Some use it as a soil fertilizer and energy resource. In many rural parts, they are used as construction materials. Cow dung is a miracle for the soil as they enhance the quality and offer the plants the essential nutrients naturally. We at Annam organic farms in Chennai use cow dung as a natural resource for the soil, bringing all the richness to the fodder on our cow's graze.


Cow dung is far better than today's modern-day fertilizers. Many farmers and landscapers who have dairy farms use manure as a fertilizer for crop production. The value of cow dung as a fertilizer is high as they contain organic matter, all essential nutrients for growing crops, fibre, and much more.

Cow dung should be appropriately managed to prevent environmental impact. Cow dung in its natural form has more value as fertilizer but processing the dung through composting, digestion, or other related processes allows plants to absorb all nutrients and satisfy the need for crop production. Hence, this has a lesser effect on the environment. We at Annam cow farm in Chennai strongly follow the practice of composting cow dung for our farm.


Do you know that composting cow dung reduces the odour on the farm and destroys disease-spreading pathogens? Yes, composting livestock waste helps to stabilize the composition of manure. Thus, a properly and well-maintained composite pit can also assist in processing livestock mortalities.

Nitrogen that is not readily available in the plant is in the fresh manure, with a higher percentage of potassium, phosphorus, and other essential nutrients that the plants can get from one place. At Annam milk, we use composted manure for our crop bedding to improve the soil's overall health and produce healthy and nutritious plants.

Hence, this ecological way of farming and nurturing cows has made us one of the best organic milk suppliers in Chennai. Thus, approach us to have a healthy lifestyle.