Date: 29 Dec 2022

Category: Organic

How We Enrich Our Soil's Fertility At Annam Farms?

How We Enrich Our Soil's Fertility At Annam Farms?

As the saying goes, "As you sow, as you reap" is true regarding organic farming. Your crop can only be organic when your soil is composed of all the essential nutrients that are pure and natural. Using pesticides and other modern products that boost essentials to the soil only decreases the soil's fertility. So, soil fertility is the soil's ability to sustain and optimize plant growth for excellent crop production. So, we at Annam organic farms in Chennai use only organic methods to enrich the soil, thereby minimizing the environmental impact.


One of the oldest and most traditional ways is using manure in the cow farm in Chennai. Yes, the cow's dung is rich in nutrients which increases the soil's fertility explicitly. However, some studies prove that animal manure offers different soil nutrients based on various breeds, bedding, feed, and manure-storage practices. For example, the cow's dung per ton contains 0-15 pounds of nitrogen, 10-12 pounds of potassium, and 5-10 pounds of phosphorus. However, be it a plant or crop, it has a certain quality to absorb all the nutrients from the soil and is highly based on the methods of crops being grown.


Compost is also a great source of manure for plants as they are rich in nitrogen and essential soil nutrients, enhancing the soil quality. It is said that for a decayed product to become a perfect compost, it must completely decompose into 40:1 and 20:1, comprising an ideal ratio of carbon and nitrogen. This compost should also be maintained at a temperature between 131°F-170°F for around fifteen days. Hence, compost made in this manner allows you to use it for all plants and crops without restrictions. At Annam Farms, we follow this approach and utilize all the vegetable remains for compost to enrich our soil with all the essential nutrients.

These two major ways we incorporate to enrich the soil's fertility and preserve all its resources. Hence, approach our Annam dairy farm in Chennai, where you can get all the organic products cultivated by practicing organic farming at our farm.