Date: 28 Oct 2022

Category: Organic

Learn About Natural Breeding In Cows

Learn About Natural Breeding In Cows

Animal breeding plays a crucial role in the animal reproduction system from organic to conventional. This process is essential because it helps farmers become more sustainable. However, due to advancements in technology and science, many companies choose artificial insemination over natural breeding for improved offspring. At Annam cow farm in Chennai, we believe that breeding good cattle yields the highest quality organic milk. Hence, at our dairy farms, we practice natural breeding in our cattle which helps our cows to give birth to healthy calves.

Breeding Concepts - Explained:

Natural breeding and artificial insemination are the two primary processes involved in the cow's reproduction. In natural breeding, the fertile bull, capable of breeding with many cows for minimal production of calves, is used in the process. In artificial breeding, the semen from a fertile bull is inserted into the cow's uterus manually.

We at Annam farms practice for efficient use of the bull, and we select only bulls that are superior in fertility for natural breeding. The bull-to-cow ratio is 1:25, which helps better cows' breeding. Natural breeding improves reproduction efficiency in many ways among cattle. It is also to be noted that breeders who choose artificial methods for the reproduction process use some degree of natural breeding to achieve better results.

The significant advantage of natural breeding is labour reduction, and placing the bull in the herd of nominated cows is much easier. It is also essential to know only through natural breeding can one retain the bull for many years. However, the increase in genomic technologies and intensive farming has made many commercial companies adopt artificial insemination.

We at Annam milk company in Chennai allow our cows to breed naturally and ensure the cattle are given the proper care. Our herd is fed with organic fodder, vaccinated, and treated appropriately against potential parasites all year for effective breeding. We carry forward this process with complete endurance to bring the purest quality of organic milk to your doorstep.

Hence, Annam Milk, one of the best milk suppliers in Chennai, is your right destination to avail quality organic milk.