Date: 23 Nov 2021

Category: Organic

Maintenance of cattle at Annam Farms

Maintenance of cattle at Annam Farms

Every day, our farmers at Annam Farms ask: “Are the cows happy? Do they have enough space to lay down? Do they face any difficulties in the shed?” We prioritize the health and well-being of our cattle at our cow farm in Chennai, Our farmers believe that the proper treatment of the cattle is very essential for the purity of the milk. Annam Farms ensures that the cows get all the nutritions and adequate space to rest. This blog post will highlight the maintenance of cattle at Annam Farms.

  • Adequate space for lying We never overstock the cattle inside the cowshed. Our farmers make all the efforts in giving adequate space for the cows to live. Since most of the cows grow physically during their lactation cycle, we provide for that additional space. Therefore, our cowshed is very spacious and enables the free movement of the cows inside it.
  • Free grazing Our cows are left to graze freely on the farms under our care. The farm has a good supply of fresh green grass grown through organic methods. Therefore, the cattle get enough nutrition. As a result, we are able to supply 100% pure and organic milk to many families through our milk company in Chennai. Our farmers have learned that the key to producing good milk is to ensure the happiness of the cattle on our farms.
  • No antibiotics or hormones Since we use native cows, their immunity is already very high and there is only a limited need for medical intervention. On rare occasions, we use traditional methods and locally-available herbs to treat the disease. We never use antibiotics or hormones to boost the health of the cattle unless and until it is very essential for modern medicine.

The way we treat our cattle is the primary reason why we are the best organic milk suppliers in Chennai. Since we keep our cows happy and healthy, the purity of our milk is guaranteed.