Date: 13 Sep 2023

Category: Organic

Make The Right Choice With Annam Milk’s A2 Ghee

Make The Right Choice With Annam Milk’s A2 Ghee

Ghee is one of the staple ingredients in many Indian households especially in the Indian desserts. Ghee is nothing but a clarified butter which is considered as a flavoring agent to many Indian dishes. It is also used in South Asian cuisines for centuries. In addition, ghee also has its own health benefits in the Ayurvedic, which is an ancient Indian medical system. However, with technology advancements and to gain more trade profits, ghee is adulterated in many ways and over time impacts risks on the human body. Annam Milk, one of the most trusted organic suppliers of cow milk in Chennai, provides the purest and unadulterated form of ghee which gives you the benefits of all good fat. Hence, in this blog, we will briefly look into the reason why you should make the right choice with Annam Milk’s A2 ghee.

Adulterants In Ghee Production:

The adulteration in ghee has become a common practice these days to boost the profit of the traders, quantity, and increase shelf-lives. The most common type of adulterants that is used in the ghee production is the

  • Animal fat
  • Vegetable fat/oil

These adulterants are added at the start of the milking process which increases the volume of the ghee and reduces the cost significantly. Vegetable oil, vanaspati, melted butter, hydrogenated oil, and animal fat are some of the examples of adulterants which do not contain any nutritional value but have the same appearance and texture of ghee. Hence, as a result, it increases the quantity and reduces the production cost consequently.

At Annam organic cow farm in Chennai we practice organic farming and rear our cows by giving them organic fodder which makes them produce the purest form of milk. Thus, the milk obtained from our Indian cows is converted into pure ghee by a simmering process to remove milk solids and retain its essential nutrients and healthy fats. As we know good things take time and so our ghee production process where we take enough time in preparing healthy ghee.

Choose Annam’s A2 Ghee:

It is always a right choice to choose organic ghee because they are free from unnecessary fats, inessential nutrients, and lactose. Not only that, organic ghee has a high smoke point which means that you can even heat the ghee to a very high point without breaking its chemical bond which automatically produces the harmful radicals.

Similarly, organic ghee can be an ideal option for the individuals who are prone to lactose as organic milk is lactose-free and can be easily digested. Thus, individuals who are intolerant to lactose can still enjoy the creamy and buttery flavor of the ghee without any side effects. Annam Milk, one of the popular organic milk brands in Chennai, provides you with such an organic ghee that is versatile and delicious for cooking without harming your body.

Hence, choose Annam A2 ghee that is right from our organic farms in Chennai which improves your well-being and overall health. So, next time when you prepare your grocery list be sure to include Annam’s ghee for a healthier and nutritious option.