Date: 18 May 2022

Category: Organic

Native Cow Milk – A Natural Immune Enhancer

Native Cow Milk – A Natural Immune Enhancer

Native Cow’s milk has ample benefits, and it’s a wholesome brain food with an array of power-boosting nutrients which helps in strengthening one’s immune system. The farmers at Annam milk strive to produce native organic milk in Chennai with superior quality, which acts as an effective growth booster and also helps in making our defense mechanism as strong as possible. It is considered to be the best alternative to Mother’s milk and helps in building strong immunity, which heaps higher benefits in fighting against foreign diseases. The high protein content and structure are similar to mother’s milk, which is very much required for the infant’s growth, cognitive, and brain development. This blog will brief you about how Annam farm’s native cow milk is a natural immune enhancer.

Natural practice is always healthy!

Annam farms feed the cows with high standard grains and forage at the farm and this will help in good milk production. Apart from healthy natural supplements provided for the cow, the native cows should get impregnated naturally as motherhood and high-yielding quality milk go hand in hand. Though artificial insemination yields higher results in terms of excess milk production and good money for the dairy operator, the quality and cruelty to the dairy cows are unexplainable.

Value and wealth of our Indigenous cows in getting highly enriched milk

We at Annam farms do not prefer any artificial practices and our utmost preference is to provide nutritious high-grade milk enabling a healthier lifestyle in a natural way. Therefore, cows are made to breed and get impregnated with our native bulls on the farm, which yields a healthy calf and the milk produced in this way has incredible benefits to the consumers.

Native cows are maintained by providing healthy organic food at Annam Farms, and they rarely fall sick. Even if so, the cows are healed through natural herbal medicines, instead of hazardous modern antibiotic treatment. The milk produced using all the above factors is highly exotic in terms of enriched quality, good protein composition and the consumer can rejoice in exquisite taste. All in nature’s way!