Date: 30 Mar 2023

Category: Organic

Nourishment That You Get From Annam Farm Vegetables & Fruits

Nourishment That You Get From Annam Farm Vegetables & Fruits

Isn't it true that everyone wishes for a healthy life? But due to various scientific developments and advancements in genetic engineering has made our life revolve around chemicals. The fruits and vegetables that we see in the supermarket are very pleasant and tempt us to buy the same. It has also become very common in this commercial world to see seasonal fruits and vegetables all the time of the year, thanks to genetic engineering! The genetic engineering has made such a situation possible where you can avail around the year but relatively leading potential risk to our body. Annam Milk, the best provider of A2 Milk Chennai aims to feed its customers the goodness of nature around the year through their organic products such as fruits, vegetables, milk, greens, country chicken eggs, rice varieties, ghee, paneer, and many more.

How Fruits And Vegetables Are Grown At Annam Farm?

As mentioned earlier, genetic engineering or genetic modification has changed the way of producing vegetables and fruits. The genetic engineering primarily focuses on altering the genes present in the plants for higher yields, and improving its shelf-life. However, the impact of genetic engineering in the production of vegetables and fruits may yield numerous benefits but the concern in terms of safety and long-term consumption remains the same.

Hence, Annam Milk, the best provider of organic milk and milk delivery in Chennai ensures to bring the purest form of fruits and vegetables to its customers by practising organic farming. We at Annam Farm, indulging in organic practice like,

Using Natural Manure:

We indulge in the practice of using the natural manure for our crops which are typically made at our farm. After cultivation we feed the cows with the grasses from the cultivation which enables us to feed our cows with organic fodder. The dung from the cows is used in making the natural manure for growing the crops which we call as Panchagavya. The Panchagavya is a fermented liquid which is composed of five elements such as urine, dung, curd, milk, and ghee which are obtained from our native cows.

There are also other products which are made at our farm called Jeevamrutham (a mixture made from jaggery and cow’s dung, and urine) and Thae More karaisal (combination of butter milk and coconut) to retain the goodness of the soil. The Panchagavya and Jeevamrutham is used as a foliar spray which is watered directly on to the crops leaves. The Thae More karaisal is used to increase the growth of earthworms in the soil.

Hence, at our Annam Farms all products right from fruits, and vegetables, to providing fodder for the cows to obtain organic milk in Chennai, we ensure that everything is reared and obtained through organic means.

Thus, this approach has made us provide our customers with all the nourishments essential for their body by retaining it in our products right from the start. Annam’s dairy farm in Chennai has a wide range of fruits and vegetable variety which includes ridge, bottle and bitter gourd, brinjal, ladies finger, plantain stem, mulai keerai, siru keerai, mangoes (seasonal), bananas, jackfruit (seasonal) etc.