Date: 31 Jul 2022

Category: Organic

Organic Fodder For Cows At Annam Farm

Organic Fodder For Cows At Annam Farm

Green or organic fodder is the primary nutrient supplement for dairy animals. Unlike conventionally grown products, organic fodder is more digestible and highly acceptable to cows. We at Annam Farms ensure our cows are given organic fodder grown through natural farming. Hence, the nutrients and essential supplements are retained in the crops, which helps the cows to maintain good health. Thus, it makes Annam Milk the best organic milk company in Chennai, assisting our customers with a healthy start.

Importance Of Organic Fodder In Cows:
It is essential to give the cows organic fodder for pure milk production. The presence of microorganisms in the green fodder improves the digestion of cows which is mixed with a suitable feeding system. Hence, as a result, this diet helps maintain the animals' good health. Not only that, but this complete diet also increases the breeding efficiency of the cows.
However, there is always a gap between the production of organic fodder and demand. Hence, we at Annam Farm ensure a year-round production of green fodder for our cows.

  1. We use only organic manure for our crops to grow, which serves as a nutritional supplement for our cows.
  2. We indulge in natural farming practices by following the weather changes according to the Tamil calendar.
  3. At Annam farms, we make natural manure known as "Panchagavya", which includes the five ingredients: Curd, Dung, Milk, Urine, and Ghee. These are fermented and reduced into a liquid form. Panchagavya is used as a foliar spray for our crops.
  4. According to the law of nature, there is no such thing called pests. Instead, they are part of the food chain. So, rather than destroy them, we take steps to control them. For example, we plant marigold flowers around the crops to divert pests. It is because they get attracted to flowers more than the crops.
  5. In addition, we use neem and Agni Astra, a traditional Indian farming methodology, to control the pests.

Hence, we follow all these steps to provide nutrient-rich fodder for our cows.