Date: 30 Nov 2022

Category: Organic

Organic Growing At Annam Farms How?

Organic Growing At Annam Farms - How

The word organic has become viral in recent times. Everything green is not organic, and many commercial food suppliers often mask their products with the term "organic". The true meaning of organic is that food products are grown in a healthy environment in healthy soil by improving their richness with natural elements. Through our Annam milk company in Chennai, we provide our customers with the purest form of vegetables, fruits, and other food products, so that you would enjoy the goodness of nature to the fullest.

How Is Organic Farming Practiced At Annam Farms?

  • Non-Hybrid Seeds:
    The first step to organic farming starts from its base. The seeds you sow into the soil should be non-hybrid, which is natural pollination. Birds, farm insects, and wind are the natural pollinators that carry the seeds of plants and help grow plants and crops. Pollination is an excellent benefit for dairy and meat farms as they help produce fodder for the animals. Some plants like mango, nuts, grapes, beans, potatoes, and carrots greatly depend on pollination.
  • Plantation: Secondly, the process of organic farming does not stop with choosing the natural seed but also improves with natural fertilizers. At Annam cow farm in Chennai, we sow our seeds on organic bedding prepared by manure instead of modern fertilizers. In our plantation process, the bedding is prepared with organic manure that is properly composted. We also use the remains of the vegetables as a fertilizer for our plants, which helps give the soil the organic element it needs. Hence, this way, we help our plants to absorb all the goodness from the soil and yield the healthiest product for mankind.
  • Cow Dung Only From Organically Grown Cows: The cow dung converted into manure for our plants is taken from the cows fed only organic fodder. We at Annam Farms allow cows to graze freely on the field, which helps in greater milk production. We never encourage hormonal injections and artificial insemination in our farms and only provide natural medicines for our cows.

Hence, approach Annam milk, the best supplier of organic fruits, vegetables, and fresh cow milk in Chennai, to lead a healthy life.