Date: 13 Sep 2023

Category: Organic

Organic Growing Techniques At Annam Farms

Organic Growing Techniques At Annam Farms

In today's world, there is an increased concern about food quality and the environment, making many choose organic farming products. Organic farming concentrates on sustainable natural processes to grow crops and raise livestock. In this blog post, we will explore various organic growing techniques applied on Annam farms for cultivating vegetables, fruits, and rice and ensuring the well-being of grazing cows.

Natural Way Of Farming:

At Annam organic farms in Chennai, we follow natural farming, otherwise known as Iyarkai Vazhi Velanmai in Tamil. We practice farming by following the biodynamic calendar, monsoon, and weather conditions to protect our crops and plants from harsh environmental changes. In addition, by following natural farming, the crops and plants get a suitable atmosphere, which helps in their surplus growth.

Farm-Made Fertilizers:

Nothing better for the soil than giving them hand-made fertilizers. Hence, that is why we at Annam Farms prepare our own fertilizers that enrich the soil and give the essential crop supplements. One of the fertilizers we make is Panchagavya, a blend of cow's urine, ghee, milk, dung, and curd, fermented over time, which boosts the soil from the inside to treat plant nutrient deficiencies.

Similarly, our Jeevamrutham (Fermented liquid mixture with jaggery and cow's urine and dung) and Thae More karaisal (Combination of buttermilk and coconut) are used during the irrigation and boost earthworm activity in the soil.

Natural Pest Control:

As per nature's law, pests are part of the food chain, and we at Annam Farms divert them rather than kill them. For example, we plant marigold flowers around the crops to divert the pests and insects from approaching the food crops.

We also have our farm-made neem and agni asthra in case of uncontrolled pest growth.

Reduced Irrigation:

Unlike the hybrid seeds, we use traditional seed varieties for our farms, which will even sustain in harsh weather conditions with less water consumption. Also, we choose crop cultivation as per the seasons; say, paddy is cultivated during rainy days, groundnut after rainy days, and fruits and vegetables as per the seasons.

Biodiversity Farming:

Our farm mimics natural ecosystems, which enhances biodiversity on the farm. As we grow different crops as per the seasons, it helps to maintain a balanced ecosystem, and we could lately see an increase in the number of insects, butterflies, etc.

Natural Way Of Raising Cows:

Ethical animal husbandry practices are essential for farms that raise cows for grazing and milk production. Our cows graze in open pastures over the crops cultivated by the above ways for healthier livestock, higher-quality dairy products and organic fresh cow milk in Chennai.

Organic farming techniques offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to growing vegetables, fruits, and rice and caring for grazing cows. By implementing these practices, Annam Milk, the best provider of organic fruits, vegetables, kinds of rice, dairy products and cow milk in Chennai, produces healthier and more nutritious food. These methods benefit the farm and promote a more sustainable and resilient food system for a growing world population.