Date: 22 Dec 2023

Category: Organic

Organic Ponni Rice-The Entire Cultivation Process

Organic Ponni Rice

Organic Ponni Rice, renowned for its aromatic fragrance and distinct taste, undergoes a meticulous cultivation process at Annam organic farms in Chennai that spans several days. This journey from seed to harvest exemplifies the dedication and precision required for organic farming. Let's explore the entire cultivation process for Ponni rice in the blog below.

Day 1-5: Seed Selection & Preparation:

The cultivation journey begins with meticulous seed selection. We opt for organic Ponni Rice seeds, ensuring they are high quality and devoid of chemical treatments. The seeds are soaked for germination for at least 24 hours, and after a few days, the germinated seed is placed on a moist surface for sprouting.

Day 6-15: Nursery Bed Preparation:

The sprouted seeds are carefully transferred to nursery beds, creating an ideal environment for their growth. The beds are well-prepared with organic manure, ensuring a nutrient-rich foundation for the young plants. Regular watering and monitoring of seedlings' health become a daily routine during this crucial stage.

Day 16-25: Transplanting To Main Field:

Once the seedlings reach a suitable height, typically around 6 to 8 inches, they are ready for transplantation to the main field. The field is thoroughly plowed and leveled to facilitate proper water distribution. We employ traditional and sustainable transplanting methods, ensuring minimal stress on the delicate seedlings.

Day 26-40: Vegetative Growth Phase:

As the seedlings adapt to their new environment, they focus on promoting vigorous vegetative growth. Organic fertilizers are applied, fostering nutrient absorption and overall plant health. Weeding becomes crucial during this period, preventing unwanted competition for resources.

Day 41-60: Flowering Stage:

Around the 41st day, the rice plants enter the crucial flowering stage. Delicate and beautiful rice flowers emerge, signifying the potential for grain development. We pay close attention to environmental conditions, ensuring optimal temperature and moisture levels to support the healthy development of rice grains.

Day 61-90: Grain Formation & Maturation:

The next phase witnesses the transformation of flowers into grains. During this period, the organic Ponni Rice grains develop and mature. Adequate water supply and careful pest management are essential to prevent any damage to the growing grains. The organic nature of the cultivation ensures that no synthetic pesticides or chemicals are used.

Day 91-120: Ripening & Harvesting:

As the grains mature, the rice fields take on a golden hue. Harvesting is a meticulous process, typically done by hand, to avoid grain damage. The organic Ponni Rice is then laid out in the fields for sun drying, ensuring the reduction of moisture content to the desired level.

The journey of cultivating organic Ponni Rice is our testament towards sustainable and organic farming practices. Each day in this meticulous process contributes to developing a high-quality rice variety that not only delights the taste buds but also adheres to the principles of environmental standard. Approach Annam Milk the best provider of organic rice, butter, curd vegetables, fruits, oil, and cow milk in Chennai that embodies the essence of organic farming.