Date: 04 Feb 2023

Category: Organic

Organic Vegetables And Fruits For A Healthy Future - How?

Organic Vegetables And Fruits For A Healthy Future - How?

Organic foods that were once used to be sold in health stores have become an ordinary thing which are even available in the normal supermarkets. Moreover, this has become a challenge for many to determine which one is truly organic and which brand stands true to their words. It is because there is a saying that “All that glitters is not gold” and every product that says organic may not be from the organic farms in Chennai or other parts of the city. Then, what does it mean by organic and how to know that you are purchasing the right one? Hence, in this blog, we look into what organic means and how organic products help in making a healthy future.

Basics On Organic:

The term organic simply means the way how the farmers take up the process of farming through natural means without adulteration, chemicals, and preservation. So, the products be it a vegetable, or milk, are said to be organic products if they are obtained by following procedure.

  • Soil’s quality (soil should preserved naturally without chemicals and fertilizers)
  • Providing the farm animals a stress-free environment
  • Animals should not be treated with hormonal injections or any antibiotics for reproduction or production of A2 milk Chennai.
  • Vaccinations should be provided at the right time
  • Pasture and free-grazing for farm animals

These are major things that one should know before they purchase organic products. Annam Milk, one of the best organic milk brands in Chennai follows these steps precisely to ensure that every product retains its nutritional values when it reaches the customers doorsteps.

    Organic Products - Makes Healthy Future:

    It is true that organic vegetables and fruits have more nutritional value compared to the products obtained from conventional methods. The benefits that one can gain from consuming organic products are,

  • Nutrients:
    The nutrient content in the vegetables and fruits that are grown through organic farming have a considerable or very high rate of antioxidants and nutrients compared to the ones grown through conventional methods. Around 40%-90% of antioxidants are retained in the fruits and vegetables.
  • Fatty Acids:
    Organic feeding in cattle increases the fatty acids especially omega-3 fatty acid in farm animals which is good for the human heart.
  • Residue Of Pesticides:
    As organic farming includes more natural methods, there is a considerably low rate of pesticide residue on the products.

Hence, if you are looking for organic vegetable, fruits, and milk suppliers in Chennai, approach Annam Milk to consume only the goodness of nature.