Date: 18 Mar 2023

Category: Organic

Reasons To Choose Grass-Fed Cows Milk

Reasons To Choose Grass-Fed Cows Milk

Isn’t every cow grass-fed? Not so true! Yes, you heard it right! Milk is one of the most used products in every kitchen and ensuring that milk which we give is from the grass-fed cows is very important. It is because grass-fed cows milk gives the complete goodness of nature and health to the individuals which consume it. Not only that many are showing interest in the grass-fed cows milk because of its high-level nutrients which makes your lifestyle more healthier. Annam Milk, one of the best providers of the A2 milk Chennai believes in the golden trio which is nothing but the cows, grass and omega-3. At our farms, our cows are only fed organic fodder which retains the essential fatty acid called omega-3 in the milk and improves the immune system in every individual. Hence, in this blog, we will know what are the reasons to choose grass-fed cows milk for you and your family.

Reasons To Choose Grass-Fed Cows Milk:

One of the major reasons why you should choose grass-fed organic milk in Chennai is because of their nutrient-rich minerals and omega-3 fatty acid. Generally, the cows which are grass-fed are rich in milk which has an abundant resource of nutrients especially the omega-3 fatty acid.
The omega-3 fatty acid is the one of the best essential nutrients in the fatty acid classification which benefits the brain and eye with all the essential supplements compared to other nutrients. Not only that with the daily consumption of Omega-3 fatty acid one prevents the risk of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases as 100 grams of grass-fed cow milk contains 0.05 grams of omega-3 fatty acid.
In our Annam organic farms in Chennai, we have different breeds of cows which includes the Ongole, Kangeyam, Umbalacheri and Kanchipuram Kuttai which are grass-fed. Each and every cow at our Annam farm are grass-fed which are free from the pesticide and are home-grown organic fodder. We indulge in organic farming and avoid all the conventional methods in our farming practices so that our cows can get the most from nature when they feed on our fodder.
In addition, we allow our cows to graze freely on the farm but within the given vicinity which allows them to be stress-free and be on their own. Not only when we leave our cows to graze freely they
  • Live longer
  • Fall less sick and
  • Reproduce naturally without the need of injecting hormones or other artificial methods to expand the hormones.
It is also to be noted that when your cows are grass-fed their milk is nutrient rich than the cows that are grain-fed in the conventional farms. Many researches have also shown that cows that are grass-fed produce milk with different flavor than the ones which are grain-fed.
Thus, organic cow milk in Chennai from Annam milk is produced from the cows that are reared under stress-free and environment conditions. Hence, this practice helps our cows to produce quality organic milk with all the health benefits.