Date: 25 Sep 2021

Category: Organic

The Goodness of using Cow manure

The Goodness of using Cow manure

Organic farming has always been the driving force of Annam Farms. We never use chemical fertilizers to grow our crops. This activity helps us produce organic food and maintain the ecosystem in our cow farm in Chennai. How do we ensure good yield without such fertilizers? We, at Annam farms, use cow dung as the primary fertilizer to grow our crops. It not only enables us to get a substantial harvest but also assures the quality of the products that are grown on our farms. This post will discuss the goodness of using cow manure on the fields.

Why do farmers use cow manure?

Cow dung has always been a part of the age-old farming practices. The usage of cow dung in farming has regained importance due to the rise in the idea of leading a healthy lifestyle among people. To meet the demands the organic food lovers, cow manure is highly used now.

The foremost reason why farmers use cow manure is to enrich the soil with vital nutrients. Compared to other fertilizers, cow dung has more nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen that are very essential in enabling the growth of fresh crops.

Adding cow manure on the farm will increase the core potential and soil health of the land. Apart from benefitting farmers get a good yield, they develop sustainable biodiversity and enhance the soil’s capacity to hold water for a long time. Therefore, the crop stays healthy and resists wind and water erosion.

We, at Annam Farms, make full use of this cow manure and harness its benefits to the best interest of our organic farming practices. This has helped us provide quality and fresh vegetables through our Milk company in Chennai.