Date: 15 Jul 2022

Category: Organic

The Maternal Bond Of The Cow And Calf

The Maternal Bond Of The Cow And Calf

There is nothing greater than a mother's love. It is the same thing between a cow and a calf. The love and compassion between the cow and calf start right after the birth. At the time of birth, the mother cow separates herself from her herd and establishes its relationship with its young one by developing the ability to recognize each other. However, commercial milk company in Chennai separate the calves from their mothers within the 24 hours of birth for higher milk production. Thus, the separation has a high impact on the calves and leads to maternal depression. At Annam Farms, the day starts with the love and compassion between the cow and calf. We understand that a calf should be reared with their mother constantly for a complete development. Hence, in this blog, let us see the maternal bond of the cow and calf in depth.

  1. Early Separation In Cow And Calf:
    Many researches were conducted to analyze the maternal bond in cow and calf. The results show that the cows that have been with their mother right from birth showed more positive behavior than the ones that have undergone early separation.
    Early separation has long-term effects on the calf that not only changes their behavior but also promotes higher levels of stress hormone called cortisol. It can be harmful for the calves that can suppress their immune system. Thus, we at Annam Farms value and understand the risks associated with early separation.

  2. Maternal Bonding In Cows And Calf: There is certainly a difference when a calf is reared with its mother right from birth. They are,
    • Predominantly active
    • Explores surrounding more actively
    • More Sociable
    • Respond To stress situation

Thus, as you can see, maternal bonds are not only important in humans but also for animals. Hence, we at Annam Farms, the best organic milk suppliers in Chennai, make sure that all our cows and calves are reared together and represent the ideal environment for animal husbandry.