Date: 13 Dec 2021

Category: Organic

Top Reasons To Consume Native Cows’ Milk

Top Reasons To Consume Native Cows’ Milk

Native cows produce A2 milk which is very rich in A2 beta-casein protein. This milk is considered healthy when compared to conventional milk. Since a lot of people, especially in the current generation, prefer nutrition-rich food products. It is one of the top reasons to consume native cows’ milk. Our milk company in Chennai brings pure cow milk every day to many customers to spread a healthy lifestyle. So, why is native cows’ milk so special? This blog post will highlight a few points that make organic milk better than processed milk.

  1. High protein content Native cow milk is one of the major sources of protein. It contains about 8 grams of protein that are vital for muscle growth and immunity. In A2 milk, the nutrients are 100% natural. The cows that yield the milk intakes only organic fodder and because of this reason, the milk is very hygienic.
  2. Essential vitamins, untouched! A2 milk has nine essential nutrients such as Vitamin D, A, and B12 in its purest form. Consuming this milk instead of the conventional milk would provide:
    • 32% more Vitamin D
    • 14% more Protein
    • 26% more Vitamin A
    • 16% more calcium
  3. Animal welfare The cows are not given any antibiotics or hormones to boost the production of milk. Therefore, the milk is completely free from any impurities. Above all, the cows are treated with utmost care at our farms. We let the cows roam freely inside our farms within our supervision. Therefore, the native cows are very happy and this automatically gives us a significant milk yield.

Annam Milk is one of the reputed milk suppliers in Chennai bringing quality native cows’ milk to many households. We aim to provide healthy and nutritious products that can enhance the lifestyle of the people.