Date: 17 Jun 2021

Category: Organic

Traditional Farming methods for sustainable eco-system

Traditional Farming methods for sustainable eco-system

The farming industry is developing as we speak. Technology has simplified most of the activities that usually consume longer duration. Even though modern methods do have a lot of advantages, many farmers still follow the traditional farming methods.

Annam Farms follow traditional agriculture. It reduces the need for machinery as much as our costs. But, apart from this, the conventional methods of farming help us protect biodiversity on our farms. It maintains the environment in its true essence and provides for sustainable organic food production. Thus, the traditional farming methods are still widely used by many farmers.

Conventional farming methods

  1. Agroforestry
    This method has been in practice for a very long time. Agroforestry combines the principles of agriculture and forestry. The concept of this method lies in the fostering of trees that can provide suitable climatic conditions for the crops around them. It regulates the temperature, controls sunlight, and wind. On our Cow Farm In Chennai, we benefit from this practice as we can avoid soil erosion and enhance soil quality. This method creates an apt micro-climate for the crops to boost their production.
  2. Crop Rotation
    Crop rotation is the process of growing diverse crops on the same field depending on the season. This form of agriculture increases the productivity of the land. We can boost our yield without any chemicals or pesticides. When we keep switching the crop (normally two or three crops are rotated), the nutrients in the soil are revitalized. It also effectively combats pests and weed formation.
  3. Mixed Cropping
    Sometimes, the soil may not be utilized to its fullest potential. Therefore, mixed cropping is used in such cases. Two or more crops are planted collectively on the farms. Farmers may also do row croppings where a single crop is grown in each row on the farms.
  4. Poly Culture
    In this method, a farmer grows a variety of crops on the same farm. It protects biodiversity and stabilizes the yield. The soil becomes more fertile for use in this case. This method allows for better control of weeds and pests that may hinder production.

Annam farms recognize the need to ensure the safety and sustenance of our environment. Our farmers make all the efforts to follow eco-friendly methods to boost our yield naturally. All the products that we sell are organically grown by using such a traditional farming approach on our Dairy Farm In Chennai.