Date: 09 Feb 2022

Category: Organic

Why do we need to protect our native cow breeds?

Why do we need to protect our native cow breeds

The bond between a farmer and the native cow breeds is so strong that they continue for ages. The cows have some mythological importance as well but for the context of this blog, let us see how they play a role in the social, health, and economic welfare of human beings. Most importantly, this blog will answer why we need to protect our native cow breeds. The most significant success of our milk company in Chennai is due to the indigenous cow breeds at our farm.

  1. Promoting ecological heritage The native cow breeds are an integral part of our heritage. They are fostered in various parts of the country for their milking capacity, drought resistance, local climate adaptation, and immunity. Annam Milk maintains a good mix of native breeds like Kangeyam, Kanchipuram Kuttai, Kangrej, etc. We use natural breeding processes to keep the purity of these breeds intact.
  2. Protecting the native cow breeds
    The demand for milk paved the way for cross-breeding with foreign breeds to increase milk production. It also made many milk producers to resort to giving hormones to boost lactation capacity. Factors like these decreased the popularity of our native cow breeds.

    Therefore, Annam Milk aims to preserve the sanctity of nature’s priceless gift to humanity.

  3. Resilient nature of native cow breeds
    Our indigenous cow breeds need low maintenance. Therefore, they can thrive in extreme local weather conditions with minimal human care. Farmers are relieved from using immunity-boosting shots as they are healthy and need little to no medical support for most of their lifespan. Most importantly, their milk is very hygienic, and the nutrition is in its purest form.

    Therefore, Annam Milk strives to nurture the lineage of native cow breeds and take all measures to protect them. We are always grateful for the pure milk that our cows produce. Our native cows are why we are one of the best milk suppliers in Chennai.