Date: 05 Jun 2021

Category: Organic

Why honeybees are precious to a farm?

Role of honeybee in Agriculture

Nature has given so many gifts to mankind. There is a lot of miracles happening all around us that are unknown to the common man’s vision. Everything is taken care of by nature itself and such bountiful creations of it help humans carry on their daily life with ease.

We at Annam Farms, own a Dairy Farm In Chennai. You would be surprised if we say that we use—rather take help from—one of nature’s creations in our farms to boost the growth and enable better harvest of our products.

Honey Bees are very helpful to farmers. A honeybee not only contributes to honey production but also enables crop pollination. Annam Farms has honeybee hives on our farm to increase the productivity and the yield of crops. Honeybees play a significant role in farming than you think it does.

Role of Honeybees in a farm

Most of the oilseeds, vegetables, pulses, and fruits flourish because of honeybees. It is because of the pollination they do whenever they jump from one flower to another, and one crop to another. Birds, butterflies, and bats do also contribute to the pollination of the crops but they are no match for honeybees.

Some research estimates that a colony of fifty thousand bees can easily pollinate over half a million flowering crops in a single day. Isn’t that a massive number to accomplish for a little insect? It makes the crops multiply faster as the pollen grains from the male part of the plant transfer to the female part. All thanks to this wonderful creature!

Annam Farms preserve honeybees as it helps in the growth of our crops and also strikes a balance in the ecosystem. We ensure that biodiversity is protected at all costs. We are so fortunate to the honeybees as they have enabled us to increase the yield of our farm. Our native cow breeds also graze on abundant fresh grass on the fields which helps us to produce the best quality Organic A2 Milk In Chennai.

Unbeknownst to themselves, honeybees cause a ripple effect in the whole well-being of the farmland. They do have an indirect influence in making us one of the Milk Brands In Chennai and we are grateful to the power of nature!